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aXs Info is a leading document and content management solution.

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Our solutions power all organizations by providing secured  access to the data and documents you need.   

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We use an industry-leading design and architecture to provide simple to use yet powerfull solutions to organizations.

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We have received many accolades from our customers for our outstanding products and  service we provide.

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We offer options for organizations of all sizes.

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Experts in document management.

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We offer on-site and cloud-based solutions.  

Our solutions

We provide the expertise, knowledge and flexibility     

Proven architecture with security and the end-user in mind

An industry-leading engine that works behind the scenes to provide the user with the access and information they need.  

Interface design

A modern and powerful design that leverages the product to easily find what you are looking for. 

Leverage your data

We provide the power and flexibility to use the data contained in your documents to use in your business.


Any good solution needs to be flexible. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Utilize a proven, stable, and technology solution based on standards.

Our customers invest in us to store and protect their documents. In return, we ensure that we are using industry-standard practices and proven technology to deliver sound solutions.

Open input

Over 50% of new idea's and features come directly from our customers based on their changing needs  or ideas.

We take pride in delivering the best all around solution and experience.

Rest assured we always have your needs in mind

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Client's Testimonial

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We've been using aXs for over 12 years. We love the openness of the software because it allows us to store and manipulate documents for any department with any level of security requirements. We can securely share documents with anyone necessary, including parents, lawyers and other record requestors. We also are able to use the aXs API to allow access to documents from our own software applications. And best of all the technical support that we get is the best we have from any vendor.

Bill R.

Large National School District

Having worked with aXs Info for over 8 years now on an enterprise level, we have been completely satisfied with not only the robust product but also their level of support. Their solution has streamlined our process’s and provided enormous cost savings to my department.

Kim R.

International Fleet Management

With our substantial company growth, we needed tools to increase efficiency. As part of the overall solution, we decided to look outside our internal development team for a well-balanced, open, and proven solution that could provide enterprise wide document and content management. We found that solution with aXs Info. Not only were they able to provide the scalable solution that we needed, they were able to interface with our internal development team, and have the system installed, configured and running in a matter of days (including integration into our internal application). We have been very pleased with aXs Info for their professionalism, expertise and follow-through to deliver what they promised, even under such a tight deadline. It was a pleasure with a vendor such as aXs Info.  

Lee S.

SVP, Operations and Information Systems

Before, we had rooms of paper records for our patients. Now we have everything scanned and secured within the software making it secure, easy to find, and saved a bunch of money on storage and labor.

Christine J.

Dental Practice

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